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         Test and Tag Newcastle - Testing and Tagging Newcastle
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Test and Tag Newcastle - Test and Tag Newcastle

 Welcome to Dunn's Electrical Testing & Tagging
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Test and Tag Newcastle - Dunn's Electrical Testing & Tagging provides a convenient, economical high quality on site electrical equipment testing service conducted in accordance with Australian Standard AS3760:2003.  At Dunn's Electrical Testing & Tagging we offer the complete range of safety tests for all your single and 3 phase electrical equipment. 
Dunn's Electrial Testing & Tagging offers an Australia wide service at competative rates.   We are experienced at testing in many locations including agricultural, manufacturing, schools, offices, industrial, building sites and healthcare facitities. 
No job is too big, too small, too dusty or too dirty.

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Dunn's Electrical Testing and Tagging


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Test and Tag Newcastle - Test and Tag Newcastle

Dunn's Electrical Testing & Tagging test the following appliances including:

  • Computers
  • Drills
  • Kettles
  • Hand Dryer
  • Extension Cords
  • Power Boards
  • RCD's ( Residual Current Devices )
  • 1 Phase & 3 Phase

 Dunn's Electrical Testing & Tagging offers a mobile testing and database service of your portable electric equipment at affordable rates.  The testing of portable electrical equipment includes a visual inspection of all equipment, a protective earth continuity test for class 1 equipment, insulation testing and confirmation of correct polarity.  All tested items as tagged indicating either a pass or a fail.  Test results are recorded on a database system producing a report for your records that can also be part of your asset register.


Test and Tag Newcastle - Test and Tag Newcastle

Below are some examples of the types of electrical hazards I have found in some of the workplaces I have tested.


Hazards such as these have the potential to cause serious injury.  Implementing an Electrical Testing and Tagging regime in your workplace can help reduce the risk of electrical hazards in your workplace.

 Dunn's Electrical Testing and Tagging

Test and Tag Newcastle - Testing and Tagging Newcastle

Ph: 0458 251 697

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